2022 Assembly


Sr. Gabriella Bottani, Coordinator of Talitha Kum, shares with us an excerpt from The Way of the Cross, which Pope Francis will lead on Good Friday, 14th April 2017.


‘’Lord our God, graciously look upon and bless all that women everywhere do to revere weak and vulnerable bodies, surrounding them with kindness and respect.
Grant too that we, who have accompanied you along this path of love to the very end, together with the women of the Gospel, may remain in expectant prayer. For we know that our prayers will be answered by the resurrection of Jesus, which your Church now prepares to celebrate in the joy of Easter night.’’  
(Prayer – Way of the Cross led by POPE FRANCIS April 14th 2017).
Please click here to read the Easter Greetings from Talitha Kum Pasqua, 2017.
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications person.