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Sham Marriages on the increase in Scotland.


A BBC documentary has revealed criminal gangs are selling eastern European women into ‘sham marriages’ with older Asian men after trafficking them into Britain.
Humans for Sale found that the poverty-stricken victims are lured to Scotland on the promise of a better life before being raped and abused by gangs.
The women are controlled by their traffickers and then forced into the marriages with third party nationals, who are often using them as a route to a British passport. Statistical data reveals that almost 40% of the ‘’sham marriages’’ end after five years, the period necessary to secure legal status to live and work in Scotland.
Many of the girls are too ashamed to come forward and approach the authorities, preferring to simply disappear into the background. Traumatised by their experiences, mental health issues abound, ultimately leading to significant damage to the welfare of the girls.
One of the strengths of the RENATE network, is its ability to work together to share experiences and resources in working closely with NGO’s to assist in the shelter or safe return of victims.      
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Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.