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RENATE Summer Newsletter 2019


Welcome from RENATE President, Imelda Poole (IBVM)

In the same year that Talitha Kum was founded in 2009, RENATE was being encouraged, by the Talitha Kum International group of religious working against Human Trafficking, to found a network across Europe to be the link in cross border work with the already established networks of religious working against Human Trafficking across the world. RENATE rejoices with Talitha Kum in celebrating their 10th anniversary. Congratulations to this wonderful and supportive global umbrella network. We celebrate their great achievements over the years and join with religious all over the world in Rome in September 2019 at this event. This will be a time to rejoice, to remember those who now survive from such ordeals but we will also be encouraging each other to continue this work until Human Trafficking is eliminated from the planet.

RENATE will celebrate their 10th anniversary in October, 2020, at a RENATE Film Festival event also in Rome. We hope to launch at this time the RENATE research on Trafficking and the Law across Europe. Many will be engaged in the implementation of these two great actions against Human Trafficking. It is hoped that it will be a significant time for advocacy, justice and awareness raising and for revealing the truth behind the hidden statistics and the amazing conflict of law across Europe.

Differences in HT law in Europe, as with HT law across the USA, disenables the victims in Europe from receiving full justice and prevents the perpetrators from receiving their due penalty. The training recently given on ‘Trafficking and the Law across Europe’, revealed this reality and RENATE was fortunate to have one of the best human rights lawyers in the USA speaking of the conflicts across the USA in HT law. We were awakened to this reality and the fact that cross border work, in such a climate, is complicated. This trade in human beings is a deep seated crime; injustice is deepened by weak law and becomes a failure on the part of humankind to release the victim from their trauma and into freedom.

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