2022 Assembly


RENATE Retreat, Malta, September 2019.


Ten RENATE members enjoyed a wonderful retreat at Mount St. Joseph Retreat House in Mosta, Malta. Fr. Paul Pace, sj, led the Retreat

While a report will follow in due course, we want to share with you some feedback best described as  ‘’words from the heart,’’ of one of the attendees!

‘’Just to say many thanks for the opportunity of our retreat in Malta.

I found it most inspiring as well as peaceful and thoughtful.

My only reserve is that I would have liked an additional day, but we did well with the three full days, so cannot look a ‘gift horse in the mouth’

Paul gave us enough food for thought with Scriptural references to last for much longer than 3 days!

Paul is an inspiring retreat-giver, who epitomises his surname, Pace in his character! His choice of Scriptural readings were thoughtful and meditative, appropriate for our work and in tune with all that is involved in the whole sorry mess of human trafficking.

The themes within the overall theme, for each day were hopeful, encouraging and positively inspiring.

You certainly chose a very apt person to lead us, obviously he is very much ‘in tune’ with the work of RENATE and human trafficking.

Retreats are seldom attuned specifically to the work one does, so that was a real bonus.

I was glad to be present.

Mount St Joseph’s is a good venue too and of course the weather adds to the whole experience, tho’ it was sometimes a little too hot to go walking in the afternoons. In the cool of the evenings, a welcome time!’’

Hoping the above will encourage more RENATE members to take up the opportunity to apply to attend next year’s retreat!

Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.