2022 Assembly


RENATE news circulates amongst the network of Religious in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Ensuring RENATE is known and active in Croatia, Sr. Viktorija Šimić took the opportunity to share the most recent RENATE E-Bulletin amongst her networks there.
Sr. Viktorija translated the E-Bulletin into Croatian before forwarding it to the President of the Croatian Religious Conference, who will ensure it  features on their website. Additionally, the E-Bulletin will be circulated amongst all the Religious Provincials (male and female) in Croatia.
Sr. Viktorija also shared the E-Bulletin with the secretary of the Religious Conferences in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in response to their request for recurring information.
The important and vital ministry of awareness-raising and sharing information  through weekly parish visits continues for Sr. Viktorija, as she gives talks and leads the Blessed Sacramental adoration in various parishes, on both Wednesdays and Fridays.
May Viktorija enjoy every blessing in her faithful ministry.
Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.