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RENATE members at Caritas Slovakia share the good news about the commencement of a National Helpline for Victims of Human Trafficking +421 800 800 818


Caritas Slovakia  within the STOP Trafficking Project has been providing care to victims of trafficking for 10 years. By running the helpline it takes on another important role in terms of prevention as well as working with the potential victims of trafficking.

Since September we managed to identify 3 victims of trafficking through the National Trafficking Victims Helpline. Their family members called the helpline and a quick intervention was needed. Immediately we contacted a police deputy in England, who then contacted the local police. In a short time, they made the raids and rescued the victims. We secured their safe return to Slovakia, currently they are back home and entered the Programme for Support and Protection of victims of Human Trafficking that entitles them to be provided with complex, long-term care in the hands of Caritas Slovakia.

About the National Helpline.

The main task of the National Helpline is to provide help and information once contacted by people who have or could have been in a risky situation. When identifying and assisting in such cases, the helpline provides contact with organizations providing professional assistance to victims of trafficking in human beings.

Helpline services are further focused on preventing and eliminating the risks of working abroad. Helpline serves as a tool to prevent the risks associated with labor migration and the unprotected work of vulnerable groups of the population.

The main helpline activities are:

  • First contact with potential victims of trafficking in human beings;
  • Identification of victims of trafficking in human beings;
  • Professional advice on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings;
  • Assisting institutions and organizations in identifying cases of trafficking in human beings and on any issues related to the issue of trafficking in human beings;
  • Providing information on the possibilities of assistance under the Programme for the Support and Protection of Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings;
  • Consultancy and verification of agencies for jobseekers abroad;
  • Providing relevant contacts and information available to combat trafficking in human beings.

Operating hours:

week days – 08.00 to 20.00In addition, continuous monitoring of incoming calls is ensured by the answering machine where the caller has the option to leave a message and be contacted back.

The helpline is toll free within Slovakia.

The main partners of the helpline are the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Telekom, a.s.

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Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.