2022 Assembly


RENATE member and Human Trafficking Awareness-raising opportunities at the Granada Festival of the South and also at Togo.


RENATE member Maria Luis Puglisi and her colleagues took the opportunity at the Granada festival of the south, which is celebrated from 3 to 10 June, by presenting a day-long  exhibition to raise awareness about Human Trafficking and Exploitation.
They set up an information stand and met with countless of people over the week, thereby heightening awareness about the realities of violence towards women as well as sharing information about their work against human trafficking.
Maria Luisa and her colleagues also presented the exhibition of their work in Togo, where they also screened a documentary film about Human Trafficking ‘’Trata di Evitarla.’’
It was a good opportunity to bring home the reality of being actively engaged as a citizen.
More at Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.