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RENATE colleagues in France published a press release to mark the 2018 European day against trafficking in Persons, 18 October last, entitled ‘’Trafficking in France- 85% of victims are women.’’


In a survey carried out by the Inter-ministerial Mission for the Protection of Women against Violence and the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings (Miprof) together with the National Observatory of Crime and Criminal Responses (ONDRP), it was found that out of 1,857 victims of trafficking instanced by the 24 associations that responded to the study, 74% were victims of sexual exploitation.

Of the remainder, 15% were exploited by labour, mainly in the domestic context, 7% were exploited to commit crimes and 2% for forced begging. Of all victims supported by associations (including Cimade, the Red Cross and the Salvation Army), 85% are women.

Full report at:

Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.