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RENATE 6 MONTH REPORT Nov. 2018 – April 2019



A word from our President:

The last six months have resulted in much change in the working strategies of RENATE. Self-managing groups focusing on various aspects of the work against human trafficking are now in place and these include: RENATE Advocacy, Awareness Raising, Capacity Building and RENATE Assembly 2021.
RENATE Country Groups are also beginning to meet on a regular basis, supporting each other in collaboration with the European network. Data collection has been one of the main issues to measure the extent of the work and the depth of the crime as witnessed by the members. This report has a new look which reflects this focus. It is an important shift in the strategy for combatting Human Trafficking.

The Research on Child Trafficking now published and launched in the House of Commons in the UK, in January 2019, is another illustration of the focus on research and the details needed to highlight the extent and the manner of the crime across the continent.

These are small gestures for combatting what we know is an ever-growing and super intelligent trade of people by ever growing  numbers involved in world-wide criminal gangs. These criminal gangs are super achieving their goals, more than the most highly intelligent law enforcement agencies across the world who strive to bring the perpetrators to the courts for conviction. What is going wrong? Why is law enforcement failing to achieve their goals?

“We hope to speak out more vocally over the upcoming five years as RENATE moves out from its strong base to work more tirelessly to combat human trafficking by 2030…”

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