2022 Assembly


Religious and Consuls united in common purpose to combat Human Trafficking.


Religious and Consular representatives displayed unity of purpose as they joined together at a Conference on 8 December to proclaim their commitment to collaboration in the work against Modern Slavery.

UISG representatives Gabriella Bottani, Coordinator Talitha Kum and Sally Hodgdon, vice-President UISG, spoke about the work of Religious working in the areas of Human Trafficking awareness-raising, protection, prevention and support as part of their wider, ongoing missions, for more than two decades.

H.E. Ambassador Sally Axworthy , UK Ambassador to the Holy See together with H.E Ambassador Derek Hannon, Irish Ambassador to the Holy See and H.E. Ambassador Godwin George UMO, Nigerian Ambassador to the Holy See each insisted that identifying traffickers, prevention and provision of assistance to survivors are essential prerequisites if we are to combat Modern Slavery.

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Adapted from Rome Reports, by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.