2022 Assembly


Positive response to RENATE House of Prayer on RENATE website!


There are ca. 20 people in Hungary who have joined our mission against human trafficking and 6 female congregations who pray with/ for us regularly.

We send out monthly prayer intentions to them  in addition to some very practical suggestions, connected to that given prayer request. 

In April we pray for all the people of the streets – homeless, refugees, people forced into prostitution. Due to the lockdown they are really having a very difficult time having no homes to stay and lack of supplies of food and hygiene products. 


We also have some prayer resources in Hungarian – (e.g. a novena for Christmas – based on the human dignity or Prayer of the Faithful – we use to pray on 8th February mass).

 We usually send these prayers out to the Hungarian Religious, inviting them to join us in prayer before Christmas and before St. Bakhita’s Day. At the same time,  we encourage them to celebrate mass  for the victims or have a prayer event using the suggested resources.

With the approval of Sr. Gabriella Légradi SCSC, my boss, on the behalf of SOLWODI Hungary Association I will send the link of House of Prayer to our prayer group.


Sr. Gabriella Mezinger.