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Patricia Mulhall’s sharing about Bakhita House, London


RENATE Core Group member Patricia Mulhall, CSB, teaching computer skills at Caritas Bakhita House, London, UK- Oct. 2020.

What can I do?

The importance of sharing one’s gifts and talents can make the world of difference to the lives of those who have been victimised by traffickers.

RENATE Core Group member, Patricia Mulhall, CSB, shares with us some correspondence acknowledging the assistance provided to Human Trafficking survivors at Caritas Bakhita House, London, UK, where Patricia volunteers to teach computer skills.

‘’I write to thank you for the recent donation of Office windows packages and a stand-alone computer to the guests at Caritas Bakhita House.

We support the women here to move forward in a safe way to find an independence without control and exploitation. Many of the routes to that life involve technology. They want to attend counselling, schooling, make contact with family members, meet new groups of friends, the list is endless but the common factor is they all need to be able to access technology to do any of this, especially now with COVID-19.

Some things in life can be taken for granted like the internet and lap tops but actually they are crucial to many peoples continuing wellbeing.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping provide the technology that our guests need in their continued fight for better lives! It means so much to them.

Best Wishes Guests and Staff at Caritas Bakhita House.’’