2022 Assembly


Others are different, and that’s great!


“Others are different, and that’s great!!!” This is one of the slogans from our training on cultural differences in street working, which we experienced in Częstochowa last weekend (April 21-23, 2023). Our guide in exploring the cultural horizons of the whole world was Dr. Krzysztof Sobieraj, a psychologist and lecturer. The training was attended not only by members of the Bakhita Section, but also by nuns and lay people involved in street work and helping migrants. We learned what culture really is and how broad its presence is in our relationships with others. We learned what can limit us in contact with people from other cultures and how to behave so that this contact is uplifting and enriching. We got to know various psychological concepts defining dimensions and cultural differences and we had the opportunity to practice them “to our cost”, which you can see in the attached photos. The training space was also an opportunity to exchange experiences, establish new contacts and “unfinished” conversations, this time our guest was William Lauderdale from the International Justice Mission, which is starting its operations in Poland. We trust that the knowledge and experience of workshop exercises passed on to us as well as countless conversations will bring good fruit in our places of service and in contact with our charges.

Gabriela Hasiura, CP. Poland.