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Organized events from RENATE members in honour of St. Bakhita Day, 8th of February 2019: International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking.


St Bakhita Day in Albania,  8th of February 2019.

From Albania, we have news of a number of events which are organised. Of particular note is the Prayer Vigil on 8 February, based on the theme ‘’Together against human Trafficking.’’

The Vigil will see the collective strengths of all those who work in the anti-trafficking field in Albania. It includes Mrs. Rovena Voda, Anti-trafficking Coordinator / Ministry of Interior; Ms. Brikena Puka, Vatra Centre;  Mr. Alfred Matoshi, The Men’s Shed; Mrs. Syrie Pepa, Different and Equal; Ms. Ana Majko, ARSIS Initiatives; a message of solidarity from the Honorable Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Leyla Moses-Ones; United Response Against Trafficking (URAT) Albania; RENATE;  Don Marjam Lumci and the Deputy Ambassador of OSCE, Mr. Robert Wilton. The text of the Prayer service is included below.

Prayer Vigil “Together against Human Trafficking!” 8 February 2019, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tirana, Albania.

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St Bakhita Day in Hungary,  8th of February 2019.

On the occasion of St. Bakhita Day in Budapest, H.E. Revd. Michael August Blume, svd, Papal Nuncio to Hungary, will open a Prayer Service jointly organised by the Religious sisters and colleagues at SOLWODI Hungary and their brothers from the local Jesuit community.  RENATE member Gabriella Legradi sends us a Flier of the Prayer service as attached.

Following the opening prayers by the Nuncio, a policewoman from Máriabesnyő will speak about the crime of Human Trafficking and its impact not only on the victims, but also on their families, the local community and wider society.

It will be an opportunity to share about the Solwodi Association in general and the collaborative work undertaken to combat Human Trafficking and support survivors.

The prayer service will conclude with some time for quiet reflection and private prayer, followed by Holy Mass.

You can see the link on the website following the service.


The Ayme, a weekly resource sheet produced by Loreto Ministries for use in schools and associated ministries throughout Australia and South-East Asia.

It is primarily a resource for staff who are then invited to adapt material for members of their community.

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St Bakhita Day in France,  8th of February 2019.

Popes Intentions for 8 February 2019 – from RENATE France blog.

Reflection on the 8 February 2019- by Sr. Begona Inarra & Sr. Marie Helene Halligon. RENATE France blog. 

“Let is shine a light on 8 February yo remember trafficked victims and survivors,” Blog from RENATE France, composed by Sr. Begona Inarra & Sr. Marie Helene Halligon.


St Bakhita Day in Italy,  8th of February 2019.