2022 Assembly


New Core Group take office at 3rd RENATE Assembly


The new RENATE Core group took up office as the 3rd RENATE Assembly concluded on Friday, 18 November 2022.
The Core group comprises 7 RENATE members:
Ardita Keraj-Korriku (Albania);
Ivonne van de Kar (the Netherlands);
Jakup Sabedini (Kosovo);
Joana Terezieva (Bulgaria);
Judit Knab, CJ, (Hungary);
Marie Power, HFB,(UK) and
Rania Ioakeimidou (Greece).
There will be a shared Presidential role, between Marie Power & Ivonne van de Kar.
The Assembly congratulated and thanked former President Imelda Poole, IBVM, and the outgoing Core group, Eilis Coe, RSC; Maria Luisa Puglisi, SA,Patricia Mulhall, CSB & Fr. Roman Lahisz, for their dedication and commitment to the mission of RENATE throughout their tenure.
They entrust a strong and impactful foundation to the very capable stewardship of the new Core group.