2022 Assembly


National Referral Mechanisms Practical Handbook: New edition launched on 24th Jann


The OSCE and ODIHR launched the new edition of the NRM Practical Handbook on January 24th, with an online event at which the authors and panel of experts presented various aspects of the work.


The handbook is a very important resource for the OSCE countries which has the potential to bring about a more uniformed approach across borders.


During the launch event participants heard from a panel of experts about the current realities and facts where the vast majority of victims are not identified and taken to safety, with very poor conviction rates throughout the world.  


An NRM is a co-operative, national framework through which governments fulfil their obligations to protect and promote the human rights of victims of trafficking, and co-ordinate their efforts in a strategic partnership with civil society organizations, survivor leaders and the private sector. 


The purpose of the updated NRM Handbook is to provide essential ‘know-how’ of the working methods, procedures and services required to fulfil NRMs objectives , centering all communications and actions on the protection of victims and the overall prevention of trafficking in human beings.


The Handbook also identifies the various stakeholders involved in executing NRMs and their roles across different institutions, and stresses the need for a multi-disciplinary approach.


Innovations in this updated handbook include guidance on dealing with trafficked children and a section on healthcare. In addition, this handbook is accompanied by a series of practical adult and child assessment guides, a selection of promising practices gathered from individual participating States, and a list of 57 recommended standards to assist the participating States seeking to introduce or improve their NRMs.