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Lithuanian Missing Persons’ Families Support Centre holds Commemorative Ceremony 25 May 2017.


Members of the Lithuania presidential social campaign ‘’For a Safer Lithuania,’’ together with representatives from the U S Embassy in Lithuania and the Lithuanian police forces, joined the staff of the Missing Persons’ Families Support centre on 25 May in Vilnius, to remember all those who are listed as ‘’Missing’’ in Lithuania. 
50 primary school children gathered around the commemorative statue ‘’Mummy,’’ and released balloons to signify hope for the future and the possibilities of a safer Lithuania as they grow up. 
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In the event’s press release, Natalja Kurčinskaja, Director of the Missing Persons’ Families Support Centre, spoke about the issues and harsh realities for families whose children and loved ones are missing.  
The centre has now begun implementing a national training programme about Missing Children, to child welfare commissions (members of local municipalities, police, prosecutor’s offices, child protection departments, probation offices etc.) throughout all the Lithuanian municipalities (60).
In 2017, there is a specific emphasis on the dissemination of information about the European 116 000 Hotline, which is receiving extensive coverage. 
The centre recently featured on national TV, in discussions about the issues of missing children in Lithuania and the European Union.
Interview in Lithuanian language:
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.