2022 Assembly


Lessons learned from The Lighthouse, a transitional living programme for young women who are survivors of sex trafficking. PODCAST.


At The Lighthouse, a victim-centred approach is giving the power back to the trafficked victims and empowering them to say what their needs are, what their concerns are, and for them to lead survivor-driven services.

Activate the link below to hear Polly Williams, Programme Supervisor at the Lighthouse, introduce a thoughtful report and review of 11 learned lessons from this program, all of which are applicable and can be adapted to the European context.

The podcast refers to the following 11 areas: Labels; Curriculum; Trust; Mobile Phones; Staff; Life-skill development; Resident guidelines; Case management; Interviews; Applicants U18 and Reducing Length of Time Back in ‘The Life.”

Podcast available at:

There is a helpful resource via EBook, ‘’Ending Human Trafficking; 5 Things You Must Know,’’ available at:

Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.