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Launch of EU Transnational Referral Mechanism Model – TRM, 22nd May 2017


The establishment of National and Transnational Referral Mechanisms, is an online platform featuring the TRM and launched by IOM, as an outcome of the EU-funded Transnational Action (TACT) project 
The tool is designed to strengthen professional responses to the needs of victims of human trafficking and contributes to ensuring victims’ access to rights throughout the transnational referral mechanism process, and especially in a situation of cross-border referral.
‘’The tool, known as a Transnational Referral Mechanism (TRM) model, links up experts and professionals from different countries involved in the identification, referral, assistance, return, and monitoring of assistance to victims of trafficking. It defines the roles of each stakeholder participating in national referral mechanisms (NRM) and serves as a platform to inform and connect counter-trafficking practitioners in countries of origin and countries of destination.’’
This is a particularly useful resource which will be helpful in our work and may also be helpful to the partner organisations with whom we work, thus please feel free to share it with all relevant people with whom you work.
The full Press release statement is available at
 Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.