2022 Assembly


Julia forced into prostitution



Aged 17, Julia was given clothes and boots and a bag of condoms and told to do anything that clients wanted. Forced to have sex with a minimum of four men per night.

Many young women of Julia’s age have been brought to Ireland under the pretext that they would be given a good job. They are told they will be able to pay the school fees for their siblings’ education.

Having been trafficked once, they may be sold again to another trafficker and even taken to another country.

Many people think that all women who have been trafficked are prostitutes. But most women who are trafficked are forced into prostitution against their will. Their movements are restricted and under mobile phone control. If the trafficked person fails to earn the designated amount of money he/she may be beaten, drugged, raped and abused.


Images from “Trafficking Stories” are stock photos chosen for illustrative purposes and do not depict the actual victims of trafficking.