2022 Assembly


Joint statement from The Ministry for Foreign Affairs in France and from The Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden.


On International Women’s Day , 8 March 2019, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced their joint decision to develop a common strategy to combat Human Trafficking for sexual exploitation in Europe and globally.

Both countries are already committed to fostering comprehensive inter-agency strategies and action plans in their own countries to tackle the challenge of human trafficking as well as to develop international cooperation in this area.

The two Governments encourage all States to join the ‘’Blue Heart’’ international awareness-raising campaign and confirm their intention to support the “Blue Heart” initiative to fight human trafficking and its impact on society.

The main focus of their common strategy will be to reduce the demand for girls and women in prostitution, in Europe and globally. Trafficking for sexual exploitation will continue as long as there is a demand for girls and women in prostitution. Therefore, focusing on reducing demand will be an important measure for combating trafficking for sexual exploitation, for combating violence against women and children and for enhanced gender equality.

Full statement here.

Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.