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Introduction to report on RENATE training -Migrants and Trafficking- 19-25 March 2017.


In the context of an unprecedented influx of migrants and refugees into Europe and the ensuing increased incidences of trafficking and exploitation, RENATE arranged training with a specific focus on Migrants and Trafficking, attended by twenty-nine of its members.
It was a full week, situated within the broader, expansive world-view proposed by Laudato Si, which acted as a unifying thread running through the entire week
A wide range of experienced practitioners from the Netherlands shared their wisdom and knowledge relevant to the topic. The following are some of the themes covered:

  • understanding the distinctions between ‘Trafficking,’ ‘Smuggling,’ ‘Fraud’ and ‘Grey areas,’ and the complexities therein;
  • the influence of the media and how it might be harnessed positively as means of awareness-raising;
  • the practicalities of offering shelter and support in the Netherlands, to victims and survivors;
  • Forgiveness as a means of healing;
  • the Right to Protect;
  • the complexities of considerations underpinning the Safe Return/Voluntary Return programme;
  • the impacts of EU legislation and international legal frameworks on humanitarian actors who are often deterred from providing assistance as a result of the consequences of such legislation and frameworks;
  • experiential learning at the SPEK Centre in The Hague, where representatives from the Dutch Council for Refugees presented on the ecumenical projects for refugees and undocumented people at the centre.

This report is a reference document for the week’s training on the theme of Migrants and Trafficking and is best seen in the context of the various speaker’s papers and PowerPoints, shared at the training.
Report available at: Report on RENATE Training ”Migration and Trafficking, 19-25 March 2017′
Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.