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Intro to STOP Trafficking Newsletter Aug 2020


STOP Trafficking Newsletter August 2020.

Anti-Trafficking Newsletter, August 2020. Vol. 18, No.8.

This month’s Newsletter offers a retrospective on the past two decades of the TIP Report (Trafficking in Person’s Report). From its initial report in July 2001, which covered 82 country narratives, right through to the most recent report which reports on  countries, it is clear there is a value in calling governments worldwide, to accountability and action against Human Trafficking. The Newsletter publishes the concerns raised by Polaris and ATEST (Alliance To End Slavery and Human Trafficking), calling for more investigation into labour trafficking and the need to hold businesses accountable for labour trafficking abuses.

Interspersed with the profiles of the 2020 TIP Heroes, we read about how some Peace Keepers and civilian personnel are complicit in human trafficking; the relationship between addition and human trafficking; an analysis of Tier placement plus country listings; Faith-based efforts to combat human trafficking; and what the TIP report says about reengineering healthcare for survivors of human trafficking.

Chillingly, the report includes reference to countries where governmental armed forces, police or other security forces or government supported armed groups that recruit or use child soldiers and the measures to be taken to reduce such governmental activities.

Finally, there is the story of Maria, a survivor of labour trafficking and her journey to this stage where Maria is now a survivor leader in her community.