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Interfaith Toolkit on Human Trafficking


Interfaith Toolkit on Human Trafficking- 2017.
In the United States of America, January is designated ‘National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month’. In recent years, the Washington Inter-Religious Staff Community (WISC) Working Group on Human Trafficking, have compiled and circulated a comprehensive resource for both worship and action, entitled ‘An Interfaith Toolkit on Human Trafficking.’
It is intended that the Toolkit is used by faith communities to raise awareness, promote dialogue and take action against human trafficking and the exploitation of persons.
The connection between consumerism and trafficking is the theme of the 2017 toolkit. We are encouraged to focus on the way in which consumerism and the lack of accountability in business supply chains renders millions of people vulnerable to being trafficked or enslaved.
In addition to a general overview on Human Trafficking, Consumerism and Trafficking, the impact of Human Trafficking on minors, the toolkit contains faith-based resources for the Bahá’í, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim and Protestant faith traditions and are designed to be adapted for inter-faith enrichment and understandings.
There is a comprehensive index of resources referenced from pages 15 through 18, including personal stories and testimonies; recommended videos in addition to several other U.S. Toolkits, Campaigns and Resources focused on youth and minors as victims of Human Trafficking and Exploitation.
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Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.