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Instagram awareness-raising campaign: LIKE A SNOWFLAKE


Our work can often be compared to a snowflake: just as each snowflake is unique, every survivor’s story is different. Human trafficking is not about statistics; it’s about people. All the pain and hardship, the achievements and setbacks in the healing process reveal the inner beauty of surviving evil.


To build upon the awareness about Human Trafficking which was raised  by the EU Day Against Human Trafficking, 18 October 2019, you are invited to contribute to the Instagram campaign LIKE A SNOWFLAKE.
By sharing the stories of survivors, we can raise awareness about human trafficking and the work we do to help those we serve. We can help change the way people think and respond to exploitation. We want to show the many facets of trafficking and how no one person’s story is alike We want to show the beauty and strength that can come from surviving something so heinous. We also want to highlight that this is not a minor crime that affects few people, but that we are facing a widespread criminal enterprise and major violation of human rights, in Europe and globally.

To this end, we have created a dedicated Instagram page to present the stories behind THB.

To participate, take a photo of a victim/survivor or an impersonator from behind and in an emblematic place of your city (a tourist attraction, a famous site, a monument, etc.). Include a few lines to tell the story behind the image, or the message or thoughts that the person wants to share.

The person should not be recognizable (put a fictitious name) and should have their arms open and raised in the air, with open palms.


Mail Text example:

My name is Grace. When I arrived from Nigeria my Madam told me that if I asked for help, I would be deported, so I thought had no other choice but to become a prostitute. My mother begged me to do what they said. You don’t feel like a person when you are treated like a commodity.

From Barcelona, APIP-ACAM FONDATION contact :

Email your picture and story to: or with the name of the city, of your organization and a contact person.

The name of the Instagram page will be communicated later on, once it starts getting populated.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to your participation to make the “Like a Snowflake” campaign succeed.

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