2022 Assembly


House of Prayer: pray for Mary Ward companions in Ukraine


Dear members of the Mary Ward family

A few days ago, we received an urgent prayer request from the Provincial of the Slovak Province, Sr. Agnesa, as the situation in Ukraine is very dangerous at present.

There is the great fear of another war.

As you will see from the e-mail from Sr Agnesa below, we have eight members, both Ukrainian and Slovak, in Ukraine at present.

Sr. Agnesa writes:

“I would like to inform you about the situation of our members in Ukraine, most of all about our two sisters Anastasia Mazur and Katarina Mazur who are in Kyiv.

This morning we had the Superiors meeting (online) and I spoke with Anastasia about the escalation of the tension between Russia and Ukraine.

Aware of the risk they are facing being in the Capital City of Kyiv in case of any Russian invasion and being concerned about them I suggested they leave Kyiv and come to Uzghorod where they would be much safer than in Kyiv.

Anastasia ́s answer was worthy of a Mary Ward companion
and I am very proud of both the sisters. They would like to stay
there with “their people”, it means the people they have been
serving until now, and are ready to help – cooperating with the Catholic Charity in Ukraine – in providing food and any support to the people in the case of the invasion (we firmly hope there will be no invasion). What would Mary Ward do? – Anastasia said – she would not run away and we want to stay with people in need, this is our way and our spirituality, she said.

I would like to ask you, if convenient, the whole Mary Ward family for prayers for our 8 Slovak and Ukraine CJ members in Ukraine: in Kyiv, Uzghorod and Seredne.”

Both leadership teams of the IBVM and the CJ support this request very strongly hoping that war can be avoided and that negotiations of the political leaders will find other ways to resolve the conflict.

Thank you very much indeed for your prayers for our sisters and for all the people of Ukraine and please invite any other members of the Mary Ward family known to you to add their prayers to ours

The leadership teams of CJ and IBVM in Rome