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Request Help in Albania


Where can I go to access help relating to human trafficking in Albania?

Mary Ward Loreto Foundation (

Tel: +355 44 500 388

National Helpline: 116 006

To access help you can contact the Offices of Diplomatic Representations of the Republic of Albania in each respective European country. Albania has diplomatic missions in every European country.

Where do I get information about immediate care for a rescued victim in Albania?

Please inform the staff of Diplomatic Representations of the Republic of Albania (DRRA), in the European country where you suspect a person of Albanian citizenship, is a victim (PVT). The Officers of the Diplomatic Representations, upon receipt of information that a person of Albanian citizenship may be a trafficked victim, will immediately notify the Responsible Authority members.

The DRRA officer will contact the presumed victim and assess the needs and expectations for care and protection. The DRRA officer will obtain information about the process of identification or cooperation of victims of trafficking and opportunities for assistance in the specific European country, and will share such information with the victim and help him/her make a decision.

In case the potential victim wishes to remain in the European country.

The DRRA officer establishes contact with the agencies responsible for identification and assistance, and facilitates the identification and assistance process of the victim.

In case the potential victim wishes to return to Albania.

The DRRA officer cooperates with the Responsible Authority to arrange the voluntary return of the potential victim. The DRRA officer assists the potential victim to find accommodation in a safe and appropriate location until the time of his/ her return.

In the case of foreign victims of trafficking identified in the Republic of Albania the following procedure takes place:

  • the Responsible Authority member, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), who receives the request for assistance for the return of the foreign VoT, and the information from the institution/ agency in support of the request, calls for a meeting with the Responsible Authority on the case.
  • The Responsible Authority member prepares the request for the assessment of the social-economic and safety situation of the VoT upon return (if the VoT expressed this in the request), and submits it to the authorities responsible for the identification and protection of victims of trafficking in the country of origin.
  • The Responsible Authority member from the MFA, in consultation with the director in the office of the Responsible Authority, organizes the travel of the VoT. If the VoT wishes, these arrangements are communicated to the authorities in the country of origin responsible for the identification and protection of victims of trafficking, and/or may receive the VoT

Where do I get information about the rehabilitation process for victims of human trafficking?

In Albania there are state or non-state residential institutions licensed, according to the legislation in force, to provide assistance and protection services for persons who are potential victims of trafficking, victims of trafficking, and persons at risk of being trafficked.

The Albanian Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MOLSAEO) have created a full database of the above institutions operating in Albania, which is updated regularly and is easily accessible in MOLSAEO website.