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Ending Slavery
by Kevin Bales (2007)
What can people, community and governments do to end slavery now?
Enslaved: True Stories of Modern Day Slavery
by Jesse Sage & Liora Kasten, eds. (2008)
Collection of first-hand accounts of modern slavery around the world.
The Slave Next Door: Human Trafficking & Slavery in America Today
by Kevin Bales & Ron Soodalter (2009)
Documents cases of modern slavery in the U.S., discusses causes, and offers solutions.
Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade — And How We Can Fight It
by David Batstone (2007)
Reveals accounts of victims of slavery and what people can do.
Free the Children
by Craig Kielburger (1998)
An article in the news led a young man on a crusade that has touched millions and has freed thousands of child slaves.
Anti-Slavery International Teacher Resources
Includes curriculum and resource ideas for teaching about modern slavery.
Human Trafficking
A blog featuring media and information about modern-day slavery.
Slavery Footprint
Take the survey and find out how many slaves are working for us, based on the products we buy, foods we eat, sports we play, etc.
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