2022 Assembly


Fundación de Solidaridad Amaranta works to sensitise people to the use of temperate language and terminology



As the migration flows continue to grow, despite the uncertainty of secure travel and the increased risks of human trafficking, there continues to be the voice of intolerance, judgement towards those who are simply trying to find a better life. Unfortunately, migrants are met with fear, prejudice and unjust treatment, instead of understanding, welcome and open arms. 

With this reality, RENATE members at Fundacion Amaranta share with us news about their day-seminar held in July, 2019, which focused on sensitive communication and in particular, the language and terminology we use when referring to ‘the other.’

The main goals of the day were as follows: 

  • To create a space to advance the empowerment and effective participation of people;
  • Endeavour to understand, both universally and individually, the difficulties we face in our work;
  • How to enhance inclusion and eliminate barriers through minimum training on the Sustainable Development Goals;
  • How to eliminate the negative incidence of prejudices and hate speech in achieving the SDGs.

The processes at the seminar included spaces for reflection, learning and leisure. All agreed that the  seminar comprehensively addressed the key topics such as the need for improvement in the field of comprehensive policies against poverty and the urgency of reporting and raising awareness within the population to overcome / curb / combat hate speech which in turn cause various prejudices and lies.

Continuing to raise awareness and understanding remains a work in progress, to be continued!