2022 Assembly


Feature on Human Trafficking, The Tablet (Ellen Teague)


Church acts on modern-day slavery during lockdown.

In this week’s edition of The Tablet, Ellen Teague writes an informative and affirming feature on the anti-human trafficking work of faith-based organisations, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Medaille Trust, founded by religious in 2006, provides support and shelter to human trafficking victims of all faiths and none, by means of a network of nine safe houses across the UK.

The feature includes reference to RENATE President Imelda Poole’s input at the webinar organised by the UK and US Ambassadors to the Holy See, Women Religious on the Frontlines, where Imelda spoke about seeing the occurrence of three shifts in Europe since COVID-19 restrictions have been implemented:

  1. Increase in hunger.
  2. Increased provision of counselling via online platforms.
  3. Increased numbers of children surfing the web, unsupervised, with an emergent increase in sexual exploitation of that demographic.

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