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Damaris Community House, Greece, shares August-September newsletter


My dear friends,
September is here, the month of school opening and preparation for the new academic year. We are so glad to have young beneficiaries who are about to continue school, aiming for a higher education and a brighter future and leaving behind their difficult pasts. Damaris House stands by them and expends great effort to help them achieve their gradual, long-term recovery and to equip them with the right life skills for a smooth integration.  
During the first week of this month, I personally escorted all of our girls to spend some time at a seaside hotel at Sounio, Attica. As you know, every summer we try to offer to them a time of relaxation and quality time like we personally enjoy in our own holiday vacations. They had the chance to enjoy the sea but also to swim at the hotel swimming pool – a unique experience for them! We also had some young volunteers with us who joined our company, interacting with the girls and their children.

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