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Council of Europe: Young students working on Trafficking of Human Beings with GRETA.



On 18 October 2017, several classes from an Alsatian college participated in an event organized by the Council of Europe to raise awareness about the fight against trafficking and exploitation.
During the academic year, they worked with other to discover more about the existence of Human Trafficking and its different forms. On 19 June 2018, these students presented the fruit of their work to the Secretary of GRETA and its assistants, as well as the Associations that were present during the sensitization (SOS-Caritas France, NDC of the Good Shepherd, Association Themis …). Each small team of 2 or 3 students explained the work involved and the results -displays, 3D realization, filmed interviews and even animated film, which you can quickly see in the video above. 
Des jeunes au Conseil de l’Europe.

We then watched the official presentation of the Council of Europe, after which the students toured the building and passed through the hemicycle, which is always impressive! There followed a question and answer session with the Associations and distribution of “awards” to all participants.
We obviously congratulated the young people and their teachers, who committed themselves and also enlisted other disciplines in this work. We also invited them to be “contagious” and to share with their friends what they have learned, to be ambassadors capable of allowing other young people to see clearly and not be seduced by unhealthy speeches.
We would like to reach more people and with Petya Nestorova (Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings) have noted the difficulty of mobilizing on the subject of the Treaty, to which an attitude of denial is common.
Our work is a long struggle but we are sure of the support of all people of good will who, with us, want to put an end to this scourge!
“… to think about the market for women, the trafficking, the exploitation that we see, and also the market that we do not see, the one that is done and not seen …”
Pope Francis, Homily in St Marthe 15/06/2018
Marie Hélène Halligon, OLCGS