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Contre la Traite newsletter: advocacy for refugees from Ukraine


The French Collective “Together against human trafficking” has prepared an advocacy letter in the context of the war in Ukraine. 

Welcomed in many countries, people fleeing war are at risk of falling prey to human traffickers. In France, the context of an arrival of people fleeing Ukraine has triggered greater media attention on the issue of the exploitation of people in a migration situation. It also triggered stronger coordination between institutions and associations, French and international, in order to propose tools for raising public awareness on the issue to prevent trafficking, better identify victims, support them and combat the phenomenon.

Together against trafficking in human beings presented the following important points to be taken into account in public policies in the context of the Ukrainian conflict, so that the current experience can benefit all migrants, regardless of their age or nationality.

  • Pay attention to all forms of trafficking. Adopt a human rights
  • Protect displaced people of all nationalities
  • Create a national hotline dedicated to human trafficking
  • Inform about the dangers of the internet
  • Support those who host displaced people
  • Educate hotel staff
  • Give the tools to volunteers and professionals in contact with
  • Coordinate action
  • Offer psychological support to displaced people
  • Recognition of the rights of displaced people
  • Protect especially women and children
  • Fight against all forms of exploitation of minors
  • Informing about the risks of surrogacy

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