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Contre La Traite des Êtres Humains Newsletter


The February/March issue of the Newsletter from our colleagues at Contre La Traite des Êtres Humains focuses on concerns for minors during the time of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The lead feature encompasses minors living in isolation and the psychological impacts of no social interactions. The lead feature also references minors living on the streets in high-risk situations, unable to access shelter, food, sanitation. Their plight highlights their vulnerability to human trafficking and exploitation, as well as heightened risks for their own health and safety.   

There is a positive note on how to continue the interactive collaborations post COVID-19 and the value of efficient means of communications virtually, borne out of necessity during the Pandemic.

Of particular interest is the information on the Hors la Rue Association, which aims to support foreign minors at risk towards Common Law, in particular minors who are victims of Human Trafficking.

As you scroll down the Newsletter, you will find a series of features covering a vast array of information on themes such as ‘’Keeping up with Victims of Sexual Exploitation in the Face of the Corona Virus’’ right through to a feature entitled ‘’A Look at Human Trafficking in the World,’’ with contributions from Maria Grazia Giammarinaro,
United Nations Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children.

The Newsletter is available at: