2022 Assembly


Contre la Traite des Être Humains.


We are grateful to our RENATE colleagues at Contre la Traite des Être Humains for sharing with us the January edition of the NGO’s Newsletter.

This month’s edition focuses primarily on the importance of regularisation of the victim of human trafficking in order that s/he can secure their human rights.

Frequently, victims of trafficking are unable to prove their identity. The absence of identification papers has a consequent impact on the person’s ability to obtain a housing permit, access education, medical services and much more.

Processing asylum requests is slow, during which time the person cannot work. An inability to join the workforce slows down the survivor’s capacities to integrate into the local community, apart altogether from the inability to earn an income and enjoy ensuing freedoms.

Additional features this month range from an article on Trafficking in Human Beings and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;  an exploration of the phenomenon of trafficking of minors in Paris; how GRETA is making efforts to combat Human Trafficking in our time.

Previous features are displayed on the Home Page, so you can review as necessary.

January 2020 edition of the Contre la Traite des Êtres Humains is available at: