2022 Assembly


Community House Damaris House


Our newest RENATE members from Athens, Greece, send us their latest news about their supports to survivors of human trafficking and exploitation. The most recent event was on 11 October, when a day of fasting and prayer was held.

You can also read about their cooperation with i58, their partner organisation based on the island of Lesvos, where Moria, the largest refugee camp in Greece is located. Although the camp was originally intended to keep refugees safe, many continue to experience traumas as they are vulnerable to familial abuse, forced marriages and more.  You can read about how Damaris House has become a support to one of the refugees, who now shelters in DAMARIS House, in Athens.

Damaris House is a healing community that seeks to provide shelter and Safe-House accommodation to victims of human trafficking. Committed to restoring a quality of life to the girls in a caring and supportive community, Damaris House provides supports such as vocational trainings, therapies and life-skills courses, all within a safe and secure setting. Such supports gradually restore self-esteem and confidence, enabling the girls to participate independently in society once more.

Damaris House also works at trafficking awareness-raising in the community,  thereby offering people the opportunity to play their part in bringing an end to Human Trafficking.

To learn more about their ministry to trafficking and exploitation survivors on Athens, log on to

Prepared by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications.