2022 Assembly


Community House DAMARIS, Greece- an update on working during the time of COVID-19.


COVID-19 restrictions by the Government led to the closure of the office & the learning centre up to 25 May last.  During that time of restrictions, in order to continue and sustain supports, the team held lessons and maintained connections online for the past 2 months.  Therefore, the house remained operative, with 3 girls and their babies quarantined together.

The good news is that they re-opened the office and learning centre once restrictions were eased, after 25 May and they are looking forward to taking in more girls and their babies.

Already, they have advertised for a French Translator, as they anticipate the need to communicate in French in the near future. Earlier this week, one of the French-speaking girls joined the Day Programme and a second French-speaking girl will attend today, 12 June 2020.

Much wonderful work being done, despite the challenging circumstances.