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CCARHT Symposium -Summer 2020.


Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking- Symposium July 2020.

RENATE President, Imelda Poole, IBVM, reports on the success of this year’s Symposium, which took place 29 June – 3 July 2020, via virtual platforms due to COVID-19.

Rev Dr Carrie  Pemberton Ford, Director,  Cambridge Centre for Applied Research in Human Trafficking (CCARHT), delivers a Symposium on Human Trafficking and Exploitation, where keynote speakers and researchers share their wisdom and experience with the symposium delegates, in order to encourage active participation and action to combat the crime of human trafficking and exploitation.

The five days of reflective practice and knowledge sharing, saw fulsome engagement on the part of both the speakers and participants as they covered the areas of  Human Trafficking and Climate; Education & Gender Equality; Children and Cyber; Decent Work and Partnerships and the SDG’s.

The major environmental challenges of our times informed dialogue on the impacts of same on populations worldwide, with specific reference to ability to sustain life, necessity to leave ones county for work and associated vulnerabilities relating to travel, money, language capacity and skills set.

The impact of global terrorism, displacement and also the inability to move around freely was of particular concern at the Symposium.

The impact of unplanned urban growth in developing countries gave rise to identification of critical concerns for both the immediate and long-term futures of societies in such areas.

Of particular focus during the Symposium was the ever increasing extent and complexity of human trafficking, involving highly organised criminalised human trafficking gangs. European trafficking gangs appear to have now taken over the rings in Africa, where JUJU is still used to force women to be bonded by ritualised actions and if they short fall, the victims are trapped into actual enforced slavery.

In the increasing use of technology, especially during current time of COVID-19, Kevin Hyland, emphasised the importance of ensuring children are advised and protected as an essential step in human trafficking prevention.  He called for new laws to control the internet highways, which is going to be challenging for internet companies as well as regulators.

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