2022 Assembly


Anti-human trafficking initiatives under way amongst the RENATE network.


Critical components of anti-human trafficking work are activities centring on awareness-raising and capacity building.  In Albania, Mary Ward Loreto On May 5th, 2019, MWLW Organized a Social Activity with the Girls from Shendelli, Albania.

After an intensive school year and a successfully completed English course organized by MWL, the group of girls in Shendelli participated in a social activity. The girls got a chance to visit the city of Permet. It was their first visit to “the town of roses” as the locals call it. The city is rich with cultural heritage and monuments to its history.

New challenges await these wonderful girls, some of whom are preparing to take their school examinations. As a result of their time together acquiring new skillsets and strengthened in their bonds together, they go out into the world confident, better informed and committed to supporting each other into the future.