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Anonymous Ways Foundation host international art exhibition as human trafficking awareness raising initiative.


 From the Good Shepherd shelter for victims of domestic violence, Malta
From the Good Shepherd shelter for victims of domestic violence, Malta.

The bilingual exhibition (English/Hungarian) entitled “How much are you worth?” ran for two days, April 29-30 2016, in Budapest and was attended by more than two thousand visitors from Hungary and neighbouring countries.
In the interactive audio-visual exhibition, visitors could follow the different stages of the process of victimization (from child abuse, loss of freedom etc.) through to rehabilitation and reintegration.
Victims of human trafficking from all over the world, currently being rehabilitated in safe houses, were invited to participate. Having reflected on their personal experiences, they then expressed their emotions through the medium of paint, with all paintings exhibited in the last room of the exhibition space, as a final component of the overall interactive exhibition. Topics such as slavery, hurt, freedom and hope were expressed in paintings which came from Europe and North America, including Albania, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Malta, Nepal, the Netherlands and Peru.
Due to the success of the exhibition, additional support has been secured to stage the exhibition again in October, for a longer period (October 18-22. 2016), coinciding with the EU Anti Trafficking Day, 18 October. Focusing on informing the youth in society, school groups will be organised to visit during the daytime, in the hope of helping transform future generations.
As in April, professionals will gather together in a separate conference associated with the exhibition, to help build networks and strengthen cooperation.
Anonymous Ways Foundation.
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