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ANDANTE Study Days, Strasbourg, 20th – 24th April 2018. Theme: “Migration in and to Europe from a woman's perspective.”


Andante, the European Alliance of Catholic Women’s Organisations, will hold Study Days about “Migration in and to Europe from a woman’s perspective” in Strasbourg, on April 20-24th 2018.
Andante have two aims for the study days, which promise to be most interesting:
Firstly, we will talk about the impact of migration on the lives of women. Is migration threatening to us? In what ways does it touch our soul? 
The second aim refers to Andante’s representation at the Conference of International NGO’s of the Council of Europe.  The study days will be an opportunity to experience the work of Andante at the Council of Europe, especially on the subject of migration.
All participants will have the opportunity to visit the council of Europe. If they want, they can arrange to meet their government’s representatives or the parliamentary representatives of their country at the Council of Europe, or to attend the debates of the Council of Europe, subject to local arrangements at the Council of Europe building, which is due to undergo structural works in the spring of 2018.
Check out   for notification of registration, which begins in autumn 2017.
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Adapted by Anne Kelleher, RENATE Communications Person.
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