2022 Assembly


Activities of consecrated persons for the victims of human trafficking and exploitation in the Polish Catholic Church coordinated by the Bakhita network.


Activities undertaken by the Bakhita Network in Poland, include several levels at the practical and spiritual level.

In order to go with greater courage to where the Lord sends us, training workshops have been organized by the BAKHITA Network. The most recent of which took place on September 6-9, 2019 in Katowice. The topic was: “Street evangelization – safety rules, dealing with conflict situations”.

“You have to help with your head,” was one of the first sentences from Sr.Anna Bałchan, who conducted the training. The training took the form of a workshop, which is why we had the opportunity to acquire specific tools so that relationships do not provoke the people we meet. At work on the street, to make contact with another person, the comfort of the meeting is very important for both parties. Safety, prudence, mindfulness and cooperation are always important, because we never work alone.

The workshop touched upon both practical experience in street work, but above all the participants had to answer the question: Who am I? What is my mission Only then can I serve others when I have order in myself. When I know my mission, adversity will not crush me. You can then gain distance to your own decisions and the people we meet.

At night from Friday to Saturday at 3.00 we united with the victims of human trafficking, including them in the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. On Saturday evening we came to the Lord to hug Him during Adoration. This time in the Community that we created but internally living alone with Jesus, strengthened us on our journey.

We also had the opportunity to see the latest initiative of the PoMOC Association, i.e. the emerging Care and Development Center named after St. Joseph. The main mission of this center is to support the development of young children and to take care of their parents. The center is built thanks to many donors.

Workshops in Katowice gathered sisters of various Congregations and lay people who help the poor on a daily basis. Much wisdom is needed to set clear boundaries for the people we meet in our ministry. Strengthening the heart and developing specific attitudes is what we took away from this year’s training in Katowice.

And below I present a few pearls that gave a lot of light during these workshops:

  • it’s worth asking people what they want? What help do they need? How can they achieve it themselves? How do others do it?
  • To a homeless person, a piece of cardboard spread on the sidewalk is something more than just a used box – don’t go with your shoes.
  • allowing people to experience their suffering. Only suffering discomfort can open a new path.
  • every good meeting can be therapeutic – all you need is one’s wisdom and respect for other people.
  • accompanying others – it is worth being authentic and being able to take care of yourself.
  • most importantly, the personal testimony of meeting the living God is important. This meeting with God, who loves each person and seeks him, inspires us to be good and accompany others



Sr. Gabriela Hasiura.