2022 Assembly


ACTIVITIES AROUND ST BAKHITA DAY February 2023 in Republic of Serbia.


Report by Sr. Stanka Oršolić.

1. St BAKHITA DAY in my convent in Subotica, 8th February 2023

On the occasion of the 9th International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking on 8th February 2023 I organised a prayer service in my convent “Anuncijata”, in town Subotica, in Republic of Serbia. On that day, every year, we have an Adoration of Holy Eucharist in our convent which is scheduled by Subotica Diocese. So, this year we took an opportunity to invite our close neighbours and friends and we pray for victims of trafficking. Our local priest and friend Vinko Cvijin also came and gave a blessing on the end of the prayer. Most of our friends did not hear about the problem of human trafficking and were astonished about that horrific crime and sufferings of victims. We believe that power of prayer can reach those who suffer and God can help and save them.

2. LECTURE about issue of Human Trafficking to the group of youth in our parish “Resurrection of Jesus”, Subotica, 9th February 2023

“Journeying in Dignity Against Human Trafficking” was the topic of the lecture that I gave to the group of youth (high school students) and also three local priests participated. Participants had opportunity to find more about the issue of Human Trafficking in the world and in their own country. I also share some activities lunched by Catholic Church and religious communities and my personal contribution.

Report about it was written by Mrs Emina Kujundžić and published in February 2023 for their local monthly catholic magazine “Zvonik”.

I gave a short statement about the importance of the 9th International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking for the National Croatian Television Station which was broadcasted by reporter Mr Josip Stantić in our religion program »Peace and All Good« on 12th February 2023 (it can be found on HRTi).

3. INTERVIEW “A reality from which we rather runaway” for weekly informative and political newspaper “Hrvatska riječ”, 24th February 2023, Subotica

An Interview held by reporter Mrs Željka Vukov about issue of human trafficking, my personal contribution, trends, how can media and anybody help to prevent human trafficking was published in their newspaper “Hrvatska riječ”, please find on: Stvarnost od koje bježimo | Intervju | Hrvatska Riječ (

4. ARTICLE “The journey of modern slavery and tireless walk of the Church that leaves no one behind on that path” for local monthly catholic magazine “Zvonik”, 25th February 2023, Subotica

I wrote an Article about the problem of modern slavery in the world and in Serbia, about their causes, types of exploitation, victims, some statistics and what Church had done so far to raise awareness to prevent human trafficking and help to the victims was published in their monthly catholic magazine “Zvonik”. The main topic for this issue of the magazine was the problem of human trafficking.

These activities were very important and significant because they reached lot of persons in Serbia so they had opportunity to find more about the problem of human trafficking and perhaps they can help to the potential victims. Furthermore, these initiatives included Catholic Church in Serbia for the first time in global initiative to suppress human trafficking. Lastly, the contribution and work of RENATE members was for the first time presented in the Republic of Serbia. In the future, it would be good to find a way to continue the cooperation with the Catholic Church in Serbia.

Sr Stanka Oršolić