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30th July – World Day Against Trafficking In Persons


The 30th July 2023 marks World Day Against Trafficking in Persons, with this years theme focused on reaching every victim of trafficking, leaving no one behind.

According to the UN, “the campaign for World Day Against Trafficking in Persons 2023 aims to raise awareness of disturbing developments and trends identified by the latest UNODC Global Report on Trafficking in Persons and calls on governments, law enforcement, public services, and civil society to assess and enhance their efforts to strengthen prevention, identify and support victims, and end impunity.

To #EndHumanTrafficking, we cannot allow this crime to be met with increasing indifference and impunity. We must strengthen resilience against exploitation and the underlying socio-economic and cultural issues that are conducive to trafficking. We must sensitize everyone to the topic of human trafficking and thus push attention towards those who can make a difference in terms of changing policy and national resource management to strengthen prevention measures, improve identification of victims, increase support of survivors and end impunity”.

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You can also follow our RENATE online self-directed prayer pilgrimage, marking the lead up to July 30th across our Facebook and social media accounts.