2022 Assembly



RENATE members Gabriella Legradi, SJC, and Gabriella Mezinger, SJC,  share news with us of a pilot project by the SOLWODI Hungary Association in collaboration with ORFK (Hungarian Police) and the House of Dialogue – the Jesuit Cultural and Spiritual Centre in Budapest.

The project aims to give information about the phenomenon of human trafficking, focussed on the Hungarian reality. The project also offers an insight into possible ways of prevention and restoration.

SOLWODI Hungary plan to bring this workshop to the Hungarian dioceses where it is requested. Hopefully, the 2020 SOLWODI Event on the European Day Against Human Trafficking will take place in one of the most affected counties, Baranya – with the collaboration of the local Catholic Church leaders.

Gabriella Mezinger, SJC & Gabriella Legradi, SJC.