2022 Assembly

Who we are?


RENATE: Religious in Europe Networking Against Trafficking and Exploitation.


“Working tirelessly to rehabilitate victims, free the world of sexual and labour exploitation, slavery and forced organ harvesting.”

It was established by a group of religious representing several different congregations working against human trafficking in Europe.

Renate network with Talitha Kum, which is the International network of sisters working against trafficking in persons. Renate also collaborates with many other networks within and outside Europe. Networking is the strength of RENATE.

Policy Statement 

‘RENATE endeavours to abolish all forms of human trafficking and exploitation that violates the human dignity and rights of persons. Throughout its European Network, RENATE adopts a Victim-Centred, Human Rights, Trauma-informed approach in relation to the Law.’            12 May, 2019.

Pope Francis is an important supporter of the work we do.



RENATE has extended her network to 31 countries in Europe with 139 anti-trafficking networks.

  • Shared Presidency: Sr. Marie Power, HFB (UK) and Ivonne van der Kar (Netherlands)
  • 7 Core Group members
  • 31 working board members (1 per country)
  • General Assembly: all members
  • All members


    • Finances officer
    • Secretary
    • Communication’s person
    • Website and Social Media development

Membership of RENATE is open to:

• a Religious female/male–working/living in Europe;
• a lay person working with or for Religious in the field of anti-trafficking in Europe;

Friends of RENATE:

• All are welcome to support in different ways: financially, with skills & expertise, volunteering and prayer.
• They may come from all faith traditions or none;
• They will receive updates and newsletters.


Meets once a year and if necessary, further meetings can be arranged.

  • Understand the role and mission of RENATE;
  • Accept their responsibilities and act in the best interests of RENATE;
  • Allocate adequate time to attend meetings and review working board papers and participate at the working board meetings;
  • Work collectively with all board members to provide effective support to RENATE’s management and staff, and be accountable to stakeholders.
  • Inform the Conference of Religious in their respective countries on the work of RENATE so as to work collaboratively and ensure the Network is known.

There are three principles of conduct that are applicable to all Board Members:

(1)  Attend meetings and be prepared to make informed decisions by reading the information provided, request additional information if required, and carry out duties in a reasonable and responsible manner;

(2)  Make decisions in the best interests of the RENATE;

(3)  Comply with RENATE’s mission and not to act in ways that are inconsistent with the central goals.

The Core Group will model shared leadership during monthly conference calls:

 The Core Group has a responsibility to support the Working Board in its corporate governance. Core Group members will provide the Working Board and the friends of RENATE with appropriate strategic leadership and direction.

These include:

(a) Ensuring that concise, clearly-written papers are provided to Working Board well in advance of meetings;

(b) Verbal briefings during meetings are concise and include all relevant facts to aid Working Board’s deliberations and decisions;

(c) Critical issues are given sufficient priority and are drawn to the attention of the Working Board in advance of the meetings, allowing time for any decision to be taken.

(d) Financial and other accountability information is provided to the Working Board regularly.

The Core Group will manage the affairs of the “Foundation” such that it is accountable to its members and donors and carries out the following:

-A Process for Strategy setting, development and evaluation of the agreed strategy

-Provides Strategic support which includes vision and expertise, reviewing budgets, ensuring resources are sufficient, and reviewing regularly whether the services offered are right for the future.

-Establish a schedule of programme evaluation, including all the services and programmes operated by RENATE which will be reviewed annually for their effectiveness.


Together with Church, State and Civil Society, in conjunction with realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals, RENATE Network is committed to:

  • Working tirelessly to rehabilitate victims, free the world of labour exploitation, slavery and forced organ harvesting.
  • Addressing the root causes of systemic injustice that creates and sustains this vile trade in human lives.
  • Using its network to strengthen communication and co-operation between countries of origin, transit and destination.
  • Providing opportunities for the full reintegration of victims which can include protection in a safe home, acquisition of proper documents and training for meaningful work so that victims can regain and be enabled to live life to the full.
  • Educating society, particularly youth, to view all forms of human trafficking and exploitation as totally unacceptable.
  • Challenging judicial and civil authorities to adopt and enforce legislation that protects victims, provides them with adequate compensation, punishes clients and buyers and seizes the assets of perpetrators.
  • Collaborating with the media in efforts to bring a strong voice to the attention of the world denouncing all aspects of human trafficking and exploitation.

RENATE Network: Building Bridges all over Europe.

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