2022 Assembly


These boys have just heard that they’re finally going home- hope during difficult times.


This week’s story of hope shows what happened after a rescue in 2019 in South Asia of 44 boys and 32 young men, all of whom had been trafficked from their homes about 1,000 miles away. They were forced to labour in factories, day and night, making hundreds of pieces of gold jewellery – often handling terrible chemicals and breathing metal dust without protection. But, there was hope.

With your support, IJM and local officials brought the boys to a safe location and arrested the suspects who abused them. They were overwhelmed with joy and responded with hugging one of our IJM staff members.

If you’re like us, we can’t stop replaying this moment. It personifies hope, joy and the beauty of what’s possible when people keep showing up and caring for those in need of rescue.