2022 Assembly




2022 marks ten years since the launch of the Dhaka Principles, a framework for migration with dignity.  As we consider the big picture around modern slavery and labour exploitation in our world today, this model gives us an excellent framework for the developing work around due diligence and corporate responsibility that many human rights and anti-trafficking organisations are currently discussing.


The Dhaka Principles provide a roadmap that traces a migrant worker from recruitment, through employment, to the end of contract. They provide key principles that employers and migrant recruiters should respect at each stage in the process to ensure migration with dignity. 


The Dhaka Principles for Migration with Dignity (the “Dhaka Principles”) are a set of human rights based principles to enhance respect for the rights of migrant workers from the moment of recruitment, during overseas employment, and through to further employment or safe return to home countries. They are intended for use by all industry sectors and in any country where workers migrate either inwards or outwards.