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STOP Trafficking Newsletter May 2021. Vol 19. No. 5.


FOCUS: This issue highlights the findings of the Global Trafficking in Persons Report, 2020, published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
Released on 2 February 2021, this is the fifth Global report by the UNODC. The data is from 2018, prior to the pandemic and therefore does not reflect the developments that have taken place since 2020 and the global impact of the pandemic. However, the UNODC notes the economic fallout from COVID-19 has left millions more people vulnerable to trafficking.
With more women, men and children throughout the world out of school, out of work, without social support and facing diminished prospects, targeted action is urgently needed to stop crimes like trafficking in persons from adding to the pandemic’s toll.

This month’s edition of the STOP Trafficking Newsletter covers the following:
1. Victims of labour trafficking may be hidden in plain sight, labouring for well-known companies.
2. Distinct victim profiles and exploitative patterns and trends are examined in the following areas:-
Domestic work; the construction industry; the fishing industry.
3. Migration and labour trafficking.
4. How the internet and social media are increasingly being used by traffickers to exploit their
5. Human Trafficking within the context of regional overviews.
6. Human Trafficking of children- for forced labour and for sexual exploitation.
Actions to be undertaken, recommended resources and much, much more in yet another
informative edition of the STOP Trafficking Newsletter from the US Catholic Sisters Against Human

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