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RENATE members at SOLWODI Romania, celebrate the launch of New Beginnings.


RENATE member Adina Balan, cj, shares with us news about the launch of New Beginnings, an initiative with based on integrated services for victims of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence.
The launch took place on 18 May 2019, as part of ongoing events to mark the 10th anniversary of SOLWODI Romania.
Their first project was the counselling centre for female victims of human trafficking. The team were so greatly moved by the high level of abuse victims of human trafficking suffered prior to their exploitation that a decision was made to focus interventions in the field of anti-trafficking through addressing domestic violence.
According to Adina, ‘’violence experienced in the family remains one of the vulnerabilities of victims of human trafficking so today after 10 years , we see the same needs and wonder what more could we do to prevent human trafficking from happening, apart from raising awareness and direct intervention for the victims.
In this regard, the NGO runs five projects:
1. The counselling centre
2. The shelter
3. The transitional living program
4. Raising awareness activities
5. Self- confidence groups for women in vulnerable communities.’’

While education and awareness-raising activities are critically important to the work of trafficking prevention, the reality is that the NGO is running at full capacity, providing counselling services, training programmes and community education activities to the victims of human trafficking, domestic violence and exploitation.
Despite the continuing demand for services, Adina is optimistic that there is a growing awareness about the crime of Human Trafficking and this in turn helps create more active engagement and collaboration amongst organisations nationally, to work to combat human trafficking and step up supports to the victims of violence as a result.

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